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Marcel Foundation is a charity organization that is envisioned in enabling vulnerable children to attain a quality education and basic utilities to enhance their welfare and become self-sufficient in order to positively impact on the development of themselves and their societies. Its foundation is embedded in Jimmy’s story _ the project leader and coordinator. Jimmy is a talented Ugandan performing music, dance and drama and currently pursuing a degree in Information Technology at Kampala International University. During his childhood, he lived a challenging life after the separation of his parents. While in Kampala with his mum, a pastor who was the coordinator of the children’s choir project got him a sponsor from the US to continue with his education. This sponsorship provided him with the much-needed foundation in education and also realized his talents in music, dance and drama.

In Uganda, today, many children are still at risk especially the orphans, child mothers and street children. Such children need the kind of support like Jimmy got to help themselves and their respective societies through attaining prosperity.

Similarly, Marcel Foundation’s project of supporting vulnerable children to attain a quality education and basic needs is in line with the 4th sustainable development goal of the United Nations. This goal aims at eliminating gender disparities in education and ensures equal access to all levels of education and vocational training for the vulnerable, including persons with disabilities, indigenous people and children in vulnerable situations.

It is upon this background that Jimmy came up with the Vulnerable Children Education Project in which Marcel Foundation plans to help 150 vulnerable children this year 2021 in getting education scholarships and basic needs if possible, with external help and contribution of designated sponsors. Thus, Marcel Foundation seeks a sponsorship in order to be able to implement the above program.

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